Hello Kitty Birthday Party Ideas, Invitations and Supplies

Hello Kitty Birthday Party Ideas need some bright pink party supplies and that includes invitations! This is the perfect party theme for a little girl. Kitty is a popular cartoon character that little girls really enjoy. The color scheme for this party theme is pink and white.

Your party can begin with lots of fun and unique party decorations. You can find Hello Kitty party supplies everywhere. Start off your decorating ideas with a party banner. Set your table with a theme decorated tablecloth and some paper plates, cups and napkins. You can find a Hello Kitty party pack filled with all the party supplies you need for to 8 party guests. There are even party invitations included. When you buy a pre made party pack you can save money on your party supplies because you are buying in bulk! Set your party table and put a party favor beside each plate. You can choose from several Hello Kitty items. There are sticker sheets, bubble necklaces, there is even a pez dispenser in this theme. Use them as a party game prize or a party thank you gift.

Party Cake Ideas

Get a Hello Kitty cake mold or cake topper. You can make your own birthday cake. It’s not hard to do when you use cake decorating tools that make it easy. The cake topper is so easy, all you have to do is place it on top of your homemade frosted cake.

Party Games for Little Girls

Little girls enjoy playing some games when they go to a party, so be sure to plan a few. Pin the Bow on Kitty is a take off on Pin the Tail on the Donkey. It’s an old party game, but kids really enjoy it. Just get a picture of Kitty and make bows out of construction paper. Have your camera ready as the girls try to pin the bow! Musical chairs is another easy, but fun, kids party game. How about a pull string pinata? There is a pinata with Kitty on it. All you would have to do is buy some candy fillers and put them inside. Let each party guest pull a string and watch as one pulls the special string that opens the pinata and lets the candies spill out. This is another moment you will want to have your camera ready to take some Hello Kitty birthday pictures!

Kitty Party Favors

Everyone loves to get a party favor and the Hello Kitty party favor box is filled with lots of goodies. The box is hot pink with purple polka dots, and inside you will find a Kitty blowout, a Kitty sticker sheet, a Kitty ring, 4 butterfly hair clips, cell phone lip gloss plus heart sunglasses. Can you imagine the girl’s faces when they open these fun filled boxes up? And picture how cute they all will look in those heart shaped sunglasses. They are going to be amazed at this assortment!

Print out some free printable Hello Kitty coloring sheets. Coloring pages are easy to find online and all you need to add is a few crayons. This is a wonderful, and a cheap, party activity…the best part is little girls love to color. Since you are printing them, you can decide how many you want.

Serve each guest a pretty pink and purple swirl lollipop. These girly pops can be found in packs of 16 and they cost about 6.00. This pretty pop will also make a great party thank you gift. They look pretty spectacular and they are bright and colorful, just like this party theme.

When you use fun party ideas you don’t have to worry. Make sure to include some fun games and a party activity and your kids party will sail along smoothly. Let your daughter help you decide on her theme and let her help with the preparations. It will make her feel so grown up and proud that she is able to help you. It will be a very special mom and daughter time for both of you to share.